Lymington CC A-Z

WHO WILL BE THE ALPHABETICAL CHAMPIONS OF LYMINGTON CRICKET CLUB? To while away the days and stimulate some debate in these difficult times, we’ve decided to come up with some Lymington Cricket Club XIs based purely on the letter of the alphabet the players’ surnames begin with. The selections will be based predominantly on players from the past 40-odd years, but will also include some of the club’s most prominent members from days gone by, including a few who represented their respective countries more than a century ago. Obviously, some letters won’t have enough players for a team (for instance, as talented as Billy Quigley was, he can’t take on everyone else all on his own) so we have combined some letters. Conversely, one or two letters had such an excess of players that we have come up with two XIs. Indeed, the ‘S’ squad could almost field a complete team of Smiths! There will be some selection headaches along the way. Will Adie Hunt find a place ahead of his brother? Or his