After three long weeks and God knows how many hours of discussions, debate and the odd argument, the 26 letters have been whittled down to just two: 'M' and 'T'. They meet on Sunday in the culmination of our Alphabetical Cup competition. The tournament has been a huge success, reconnecting us with former players all over the world. The Zoom meetings before each round have been memorable - we just wish we could share some of the stories with you! The player availability for this tournament has been 100%, something unheard of at Lymington Cricket Club. Particular congratulations must go to H.A. Adams who made himself available despite being at least 170 years old. Not even Wobbly Wharton can beat that.

'M' go into the match as clear favourites, no surprise considering they include in their ranks one current and five former first class cricketers, plus the Southern League's best bowler. The other four players are quite handy too. However, the 'T' team showed their resilience in the dramatic semi-final win over 'H' and in Tapper and Trestrail have two club legends who could win a match on their own.

So let's meet the teams:

The 'M' Team

1. Sean Morris - Worryingly for the 'T' team, the former Hampshire batsman has been threatening a big score after registering 28, 21 and 30 so far in this tournament. Former chief executive of the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL, a competition rumoured to have been modelled on this tournament.

2. Tony Middleton - The former Hampshire opener probably thought he could never top winning the Nat West Trophy with Hampshire in 1991. And yet 29 years later he stands on the brink of an even greater triumph. Scored an unbeaten 65 in the semi final.

3. Damien Mortimer - Unable to dislodge Hampshire stars Middleton and Morris from his favoured openers spot, the talented Aussie has enjoyed a modest return in this competition so far. Probably homesick.

4. Lewis McManus (w/k) - Even playing for our arch-rivals Bashley didn't stop Lewis being an automatic choice for the 'M' team. In a head-to-head between the two keepers he would almost certainly come out on top in cricketing terms, but Thorpy would just edge it when it came to knowing the fuel economy of a 2011 Honda Jazz.

5. Zac Morris - The unpredictable Yorkshireman took two wickets in the semi-final win. Gave up professional cricket and vowed to become an adult film star. Last heard of working in that porn capital of Europe, Barnsley.

6. Richard McGlashan - One of the stars of the tournament so far, taking nine wickets and scoring a half century in the quarter final. His battle with Taps could be one of the highlights of the tournament. Bob Iles is on standby to intervene.

7. Jon Mottashed - Another Yorkshireman who ended up working with lubricants (at Esso oil refinery). Not had a lot to do in this tournament. A big Sheffield Wednesday fan. Unfamiliar with long cup runs.

8. John McGuirk - There are few finer sights in cricket than Big Johnny McGuirk thundering in from the Tins End. Took 2-25 in the quarter-final. Has remarkably managed to stay fit during this tournament, prompting claims that the competition is rigged. 

9. Matt Metcalfe - Will be disappointed with his modest return of just nine wickets - usually has at least double that by the third Saturday of May.

10. Matt Mixer - Not had a lot to do so far. If Zac doesn't give him the nickname 'Cement' we shall be very disappointed.

11. Steve Malone - 'Piggy' has taken four wickets so far and has proved to be a good foil for Matt Metcalfe. Highly competitive, his tussle with Tres will probably be on the undercard for the fight between Tapper and McGlashan.

The 'T' Team

1. Glyn Treagus - Has enjoyed a steady tournament with 49 runs and six wickets. Will probably spend the day being asked "how come you're not as large as your brother?".

2. Paul Taylor - Scored 150 runs in his three innings. Now a schoolmaster at a posh school somewhere, the M's will want to get the former Surrey Seconds opener out early.

3. Neil Trestrail - The Hampshire Over 60s star scored a classy 84 in the quarter finals. Ultra competitive, even when discussing the results of imaginary cricket matches.

4. Chris Thomason - A big danger with both bat and ball, has taken five wickets in the tournament so far. Potential matchwinner.

5. Peter Tapper - 'Taps' returned to the Sports Ground with a bang in round one, smashing an unbeaten 60. Yet to unleash his full repertoire of arm balls and, er, more arm balls; no doubt saving them for when McGlashan comes to the crease.

6. Mark Thorn - A quiet tournament so far for the former Lymo Second XI opener.

7. Chris Tollerfield - The prolific Fourth XI runscorer scored a crucial 8 runs in the semi final victory but has generally been able to sit back and watch the top order score all the runs. Now you know what the rest of your Fourth team experience every Saturday Tolly!

8. Richard Truscott - Keen sailor Richard steered his team through choppy waters to navigate them to the final. Is there one last nautical pun in him or will the T's end up all at sea?

9. Martin Thursfield - Currently the tournament's top bowler with 10 wickets and the only bowler to achieve a five-for. Joined the police force after leaving Lymo. About time we saw a policeman at the Sports Ground.

10. Tony Thorp (w/k) - Watching Thorpy out there diving around behind the stumps will be like turning back the clock. Which is ironic for a used car dealer. As Second XI captain he once oversaw three consecutive tied matches, a feat so rare it made Wisden. Could it happen again here?

11. Alex Treagus - The new Third XI skipper has yet to taste defeat in any competition in 2020, an incredible achievement when you consider that most of our Third XI captains have resigned by now.

Umpires: Walt Drodge and Steve Coltman
Third Umpire: Bob Iles
Match Referee: Tony Wharton
Scorers: Leonard Hoare and Jill Smithers
Scoreboard Operator: Johnny Jumpers
Tea Ladies: Mrs Sanger and Mrs Iles
Groundstaff: Mssrs Goff, Cooper, Hunt and Spencer

The final result will be revealed at 7pm on Sunday 17th May.


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