The U-Z TEAM (Third XI)

The U-Z Third XI 

1. Tony Webb - Skippered the Second XI in 1977. Scored a century against Alderholt in 1989 but will probably be best remembered at Lymington Cricket Club for Doey's Dump, the scrapyard he ran which provided employment for a host of the club's overseas players over the years.

2. Charlie Willard - All rounder who performed well for the Third XI during the late 1990s. Prone to hurling the ball at the stumps no matter where the batsmen happened to be standing, any runs Charlie accumulated whilst batting were often returned to the opposition via overthrows.

3. Norman Wilkie - Captained the Third XI to promotion in 1990. Predominantly leg-side batsman who scored 99 in a Sunday friendly against Pylewell Park in 1993.

4. Graham Walters - The 19 year old batsman made a brief but memorable impact on Lymington Cricket Club in 1969, smashing 172 against Gosport (including 6 sixes and 25 fours) and 140 against Hythe the following week, before going off to a pop festival and barely being seen again. Became a postman in the West Country.

5. Justin Whitbread - Competitive and consistent Third XI batsman. Highest score of 48 versus Fawley last season. Very occasional bowler with a best of 2-5 against New Milton last summer.

6. Andrew Woodward - Seam bowler with Second XI Championship experience. Played 20 SPCL matches for Lymington, predominantly for the Seconds over the past two years, taking 19 wickets including 4-35 versus Gosport. Top score of 43 not out at Fair Oak in 2018.
7. Rob Wing - Wild fast bowler from South Africa. Pitched up at Lymo in the mid-1990s claiming to be a mercenary, a boast that few believed until photographic evidence emerged of him brandishing a Kalashnikov in the jungle. It certainly concentrated the minds of the wicketkeeper and slips after that.

8. Jason Walbanke - Young off-spinner who has shown signs of promise for the Thirds and Second XI in the past couple of years. Best of 2-32 against Tichborne Park last season.

9. Chris Walford - Former Fourth XI captain who spent many Friday nights in the White Hart cajoling anyone who looked vaguely mobile into playing for his side the following day. Led the Fourths to promotion in 1989. Accurate bowler and resolute batsman who scored a half century at Michelmersh in 1987.

10. Ginu Vargehse - Enthusiastic and genial spinner from Kerala. Exotic batsman whose 'six or out' philosophy generally resulted in the latter.

11. John Woolcott (w/k) - Former club chairman and president, seam bowler and occasional wicketkeeper. Famous for turning up at pre-season nets with a ball that looked as if it had been pickled in vinegar over the winter, and usually proceeded to knock over a couple of first teamers with it.

Summary: An interesting collection of characters. 

Mentions: Richard Woolgar, Dan Waters, Alex Wells, Edward Wilson, John Williamson


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